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Jessica W

I've struggled with blackheads since my adolescence and now at 22 it really bugs me! I ordered the pack last Wednesday and it was delivered on Thursday, I started using it straightaway and can already see the difference! My skin looks more radiant, clearer and is drawing out the impurities. Definitely will be a regular!


A light, natural looking foundation. It didn't even feel like I was wearing foundation. My skin didn't look as oily as usual and I liked the 'mousse like' consistency.


After using it for a few weeks I noticed my skin become clearer and starting to glow. The redness of my skin went down and my skin looked fresh and healthy. I would recommend this product.


Firstly, thankyou for letting me try your product.

As a person who normally only uses one product, I was excited to try your vegan skincare pack (5 products). When I first opened it I found the aroma to be strong, but as it was new to me it took a bit for the aroma to settle, then I found it nice. I liked the fact that when using it, it didn’t feel greasy on the hands or leave a greasy feeling on my face. I did find it hard to use multiple products as I said before I am use to one, but I would make a conscious effort to use the three (cleanser, toner & day/night cream) in a row.

My favourite product though was the Papaya exfoliant scrub. I loved the feel of it when I was using it and the way my skin felt after use. I would recommend your product to friends and family, but I would have to tell them that I feel the prices are high.

All in all your product looks great and is easy to use.


As someone who suffers from sensitive skin it is so refreshing to find products that make my skin feel great without irritating it.

From the first time I used them my skin instantly felt cleaner and refreshed. These Larissa Bright products are fantastic, they smell great and I feel like I have had an expensive facial every time I use them.

Needless to say i have recommended Larissa Bright products to all my family and friends. I give it 5 out of 5!!!


I've been using the skin care now for well over 10 years and I often receive compliments on my skin. I love it and would never stop using it.


Wow wow wow...I just love this product. I'm heading for 50 and I'm just loving what it is doing for my skin. Especially with the dryness of the cooler weather.

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