Firstly, thankyou for letting me try your product.

As a person who normally only uses one product, I was excited to try your vegan skincare pack (5 products). When I first opened it I found the aroma to be strong, but as it was new to me it took a bit for the aroma to settle, then I found it nice. I liked the fact that when using it, it didn’t feel greasy on the hands or leave a greasy feeling on my face. I did find it hard to use multiple products as I said before I am use to one, but I would make a conscious effort to use the three (cleanser, toner & day/night cream) in a row.

My favourite product though was the Papaya exfoliant scrub. I loved the feel of it when I was using it and the way my skin felt after use. I would recommend your product to friends and family, but I would have to tell them that I feel the prices are high.

All in all your product looks great and is easy to use.