Teen Skincare Kits

  • Exfoliate: Papaya Scrub
    Papaya Exfoliant Scrub

    Papaya Exfoliant Scrub

    Removes dead skin cells and revitalises your skin tone and skin firmness. ...

    Regular Price: $28.50

    Special Price: $22.80

  • Firm: Sea Kelp Mask
    Sea Kelp Mask

    Sea Kelp Mask

    Draws out impurities and tightens the skin. Enhances skin renewal and metabolism. Strengthens and re-texturises. Great a...

    Regular Price: $28.95

    Special Price: $23.16

  • Step 3: Moisturise Day
    Advanced Day Complex

    Advanced Day Complex

    Please note: .If ordered you will be sent a FREE mango moisturiser to get you through as back in stock in 6 weeks. Will ...

    Regular Price: $27.95

    Special Price: $22.36

  • Step 2: TONE
    Rose Hips Toner

    Rose Hips Toner

    Protects, soothes and prepares skin for further moisturising treatments. Suitable for all skin types....

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $19.96

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