At Larissa Bright Aromatherapy our Mineral Make-Up is designed to cover redness, uneven skin tones and give a flawless finish...naturally. Infused with ingredients that include Shea Butter, Jojoba, Grapefruit extract and Sweet Orange essential oils. The natural mineral make-up range is good for you inside and out.

Natural Mineral Make-Up

Mineral Makeup

  • Lime + Coconut
    Lime & Coconut Lip Balm

    Lime & Coconut Lip Balm

    Protects against chapping and dryness. Keeps lips moisturised and tastes great! ...

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  • Vegan Lip Colour
    Mineral Vegan LipGlaze

    Mineral Vegan LipGlaze

    Made of naturally occurring minerals. They are purified, crushed into fine powders and expertly blended to create the fi...

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