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The Larissa Bright selection of natural baby skincare products draws on the goodness of nature to create a beautiful, nourishing product that is gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin. Developed by Larissa after her first child was born, the range combines the natural holistic benefits of aromatherapy, a mother’s knowledge and experience, and Mother Nature’s freshest offerings. The result is a range of high-quality products designed to heal, soothe, calm and refresh. On the Larissa Bright website, you can buy natural baby skincare products made from the most beautiful ingredients found in nature. The selection includes a nourishing macadamia bath oil, talc-free baby powder with apple extract, soothing aromatherapy oils of Mandarin and certified organic Lavender, natural Mango & Papaya extract moisturiser and chamomile healing body balm. All products are unique formulations of pure, natural products – including vitamins, herbs, essential oils and minerals, and fruit, nut and botanical extracts. When you buy natural baby skincare online in our store, you can also rest assured you’re buying an ethical, eco-friendly product. All our baby products are aromatherapeutic, not tested on animals, and are Australian made and owned. With ingredients including almond, macadamia, papaya, mango, mandarin, lavender, Vitamin E and beeswax, this truly is luxury skincare. Shop the range today to give your little one the best.

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Baby Range

  • For Precious Little Angels!
    Mango and Papaya Moisturiser

    Mango and Papaya Moisturiser

    A luscious natural moisturiser for babies, especially after bath time. Highly moisturing. Great for sensitive and dry ad...
  • For Precious Little Angels! Currently out of stock of Pure Body Balm replacing with a 2nd Mango Moisturiser for the time being
    Archangel Baby Care Kit AMAZING SPECIAL SAVE 13%

    Archangel Baby Care Kit AMAZING SPECIAL SAVE 13%

    This designer Aromatherapy Baby Kit incorporates a delicate blend of Lavender, Mandarin and Chamomile Essential Oi...

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